Real Trees, Real Impact

We plant trees for every order, Tree Athletics is helping the planet 1 tree at a time.

Above all else we believe in leaving the world better than we found it, and we want to help make a difference through the things we make, the platform we have, and the community we create. From using recyclable packing materials, to sourcing ethically from top manufacturers all over the world, sustainability is at the core of our business. Because we strongly believe in giving back to the world that we live in, for every product we sell, Tree Athletics plants a tree with our partner The Eden Projects.

Plant up to 100 trees per order

Yes you heard that right. We're planting trees one order at a time. By creating a healthy environment we are providing cities safe air to breathe, trees absorb and clean the air, reducing greenhouse gas. We plant a tree for every order and for each additional order we plant additional tree up to 100 trees per each and every order you place. We want your positive impact on the planet to grow over time.