Men's Winter Beanie


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$39.00 Tree Athletics

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Functional & Sustainable Activewear Designed In Toronto

Our activewear is designed with sustainability in mind. Many of our outfits are made out of recycled material and we ship each item with compostable packaging.

Built For Athletes By Athletes

Founded by a former track and field athlete with a mission to create the most comfortable athletic and leisure wear that is built to last.

Real Trees, Real Impact

Tree Athletics is a brand committed to positive environmental impact. For every order placed, we plant trees that offset carbon emissions on your behalf.

Responsible Manufacturing

We use recycled materials whenever we can. Some of the activewear we offer is made from recycled bottles that are repurposed into clothing. The process goes like this: first, the bottles are broken down into small flakes, then those flakes are melted into tiny pellets and then they are melted again, filtered and spun into threads. Later, those threads are used to create the activewear you love.